Kitty Litter House

Its really hard to find a right place for cat's litter box, because no matter where, it'll stink and the sand will get all over the area. so I had an idea of making a box for the litter box to contain the sand, and with the corner windows, to allow more air to travel through the box. This wood working project was set out to be finished in 2 weeks...but ended up completely occupied the entire May and early June due to my lack of experience. Anywho, it was fun.
sketches of it
a 1 to 1 model made from foam cores ..
start building it, cutting the pieces out, gluing, hammering, routering...etc.
painting the house is the best part!
The carpet is to catch as much sand as possible before katty leaves the house, easier to clean too.


  1. ohhhh my god. this is remarkable!!! you should build more and bigger houses. then probably get into architecture. your going to destroy grad school.....congrats.

  2. Hey julienne, nice to see you're making really innovative stuff! I found your blog through rei's and added you. keep up the good work.

  3. geez. geez. now mauricio wants me to make one for our cat!!! Thanks a lot jujus!
    It is really beautiful though. Maybe you should market it. I mean. I would by one. Even if it cost like 100$-just because I would be proud to have it on display. Not ashamed to have the stinky box in the middle of the room.
    think about it. please???
    ps. it was good to see you last night.

  4. looks even better now that you have the inside walls painted. Mimi is sooo lucky to have you...awww.. =)

  5. this is crazy...you should patent this.

  6. wow, someone should turn this into massproduction.

  7. that is an absolutely, infinitely charming idea... you should send it to IKEA or something... i'd love to get one here in malaysia!!! i have 7 cats :) purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

  8. Oh boy... Mini Hen house in the house... and to have the kitty box displayed in such a large way... every cat's dream!!!