beef map + chinese translation

it's something i've put together for myself. I love to cook. But it's always a hassle to live too far from any of the asian supermarket with the convenience of food in chinese. So I have to translate them for myself so I'll know what to get from vons. For any other chinese who have similar problems... voila *credit to Alton Brown for the beef map


  1. This is the most useful map ever!! I love to cook too but I never figured out the connection between English parts and Chinese ones. Whenever I watch Good Eats I always wish I knew the correlation. Thank you so much!!

    P.S. You wouldn't have a pork one by any chance? :-D

  2. it's for web..........but hopefully the company will like the outcome and use it for commercial. not sure if it works that way tho.

    hey, sky is staying with me when she comes down. maybe in may or so. i want to take her out to anywhere she wants............im pretty sure she'll put you first on the list.

  3. haha, I know I see you around, but here it is anyways: vicki.tao@gmail.com

    is this the fish painting you were talking about?