maker faire

Steve and I drove up to San Francisco to see the Maker Faire over the weekend. It wasn't all that i was expecting, unlike the make magazine, the faire has some great stuff, but over all an unorganized mess.
Sunday, on the way there, we're stuck on the freeway for 1 hour just for .8 miles to exit. I heard on saturday there were over 60,000 people jamming into the faire, I can't imagine.
after getting there, the line for the ticket was another 30 min. Steve was using my little nephew to take pictures of other people in the line.
generating power through algae, pretty kewl
ugly giraffe bot.
laser machine cutting on tortillas.
kewl , weird sculptures.
the battle bots are fun to watch, though it was kinda upsetting to see the dino flying around in small pieces. she's making neon signs. eepybirds.com dudes that's known for their mentos and coke fountain. this one was fun :)
http://dailygusto.com/ http://www.sundancechannel.com/greenporno/ (Isabella Rossellini acts out bug's sex life. very very interesting)

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