here are some pictures of Tofu from 3 weeks to 10 weeks 3 weeks old
4 weeks old
5 weeks old with her brothers and sisters
8 weeks old her mother and other doggies
10 weeks old inside my studio at CGU
The two sides of her personality. One is what everyone sees and what everyone thinks is the only side. The beautiful, calm, affectionate, happy, hugging....etc... The other side is the more challenging side. She growls or barks to express her frustration, especially after people talking to her in high-iii pitched voice and making her jump and make her excited or after we run with her. So, problem (growling, bouncing, chewing leash, barking) only shows up when her excitement level is too high. Steve and I never had a large dog and we're not expecting that, we were sort of naively expecting a well behaving puppy. It is especially frustrating for us when we walk her on the streets with people playing with her, making her jump, without asking us or acknowledging us that they wanted to touch the dog. And she likes to get a taste of everything that's on the floor...she 'pecks.' she doesn't like people hover over her for sure...i wonder if its a large dog thing... It's definitely a challenge to own and big dog and to teach it right. Tofu's tantrum 1 : on the grass, she assumes grass as free range playground. she bounce, chews the leash, at this point if we don't pull her back to the concrete sidewalk, she'll accelerate to growling and even barking. tantrum 2 : toys in her mouth, she'll growl if we try to take it directly from her mouth. But she learned to "drop it" and that bad behavior is slowing going away. Other than that, she really is a very smart dog, She already learned to sit, stay, down and drop it and she is only 12 weeks old!

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