oh~ summer

I'm just starting to learn some basic electronics and programming. Parallax's basic stamp kit is a pretty good beginner's kit.. definitely more understandable and user friendly then the electronic for dummies book. It's very different from painting, everything has its right place, even where to put a comma is important. The first two thing i want to make is my own lure coursing system for my doggie.. and an art project that i've had in mind for a while, but very difficult to do according to programming friend of mine. Hopefully i'll be able to make something by the end of summer! speaking of doggie...... she just loves tissues and papers, plastic bags and everything that's light, and white... but she's actually very gentle with her own toys, strangely enough.
sometimes i wish i could just let her off leash in the wild...
oh my little dodo is the boss

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  1. i have a very strange thought after reading your blog ........... i wanna be your dog.... lol (kathy)