First time putting a show together

It's an on going thing between Claremont City Hall and the CGU art program. Each semester two students from CGU pick a theme and organize a show that exhibit in the city hall office. This semester is finally my turn and I get to work with Yoshi to put together a small show called "Pieces." I'm so glad two semesters ago I asked Anne if I could volunteer for this. I get really excited looking at other students work and when I see something really great I have this urge to really want other people to see them, kind of like sharing good chow places I guess. Hopefully I'll get to do more of curating in the future...perhaps in other better spaces :) The works at entrance area are Anne Hieronymus and Delmy Kennedy Anne's letter form landscape ( the picture over exposed on the top right corner..the lighting in this place is not too great) Delmy's painting going down the hall way on the right hand side is Karen Chu's work, Joshua Dildine, and Vicki Tao at the end of it. Karen's wall upclose of her works Joshua's drawings upclose Vicki's new painting oh btw, Vicki...the frame you build is not square....just to let you know this is a nice piece...maybe you should...hmm. :) around the corner of Karen's wall, is another Anne's piece. It looks kind of lonely, but it gets all the attention (*cough, if there's another one of the similar piece...) Anne's piece up close, very delicate paper cut out passing Anne's piece is another wall with more Vicki's painting and Joshua's drawings (Hi Yoshi..) Vicki's crazy collage Joshua's drawing... Yoshi and I love them so much... upclose shots.. from another angle More Delmy's collages on the other wall and back to the entrance.


  1. Nice photos julienne! haha, that was my first attempt at building a panel, but even though it was a failure I decided to paint on it anyway thinking that it wasn't ever going to hang somewhere public.... well, I guess you proved me wrong and it's even at the end of the hallway! funny..

  2. oh and it looks fantastic! I gotta go visit when I get a chance. Yoshi and I really think you have a knack for curating. Did you check out Ivan's show at santa monica?